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Quiet Loudly "Soulgazer" CD

Image of Quiet Loudly "Soulgazer" CD


Quiet Loudly's first full-length CD, "Soulgazer", released in July 2009.

1. Over The Balcony
2. Lift This Mountain
3. We Look Alike
4. Church Of Mud
5. Good Hearts
6. You Never Call
7. I Could Sleep For Days
8. I've Been A Miner For A Heart Of Space
9. I Gave Her The Ocean


Produced by PJ Goodwin and Quiet Loudly
Engineered & mixed by PJ Goodwin at X Engine Studios, Allston, MA
Mastering by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
BNS Sessions (BNS012)

Quiet Loudly:
Max Goransson - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Sal Garro - drums, backing vocals
Anthony Aquilino - bass

Guest musicians:
Rex Hussmann - organ
Danny Mekonnen - tenor and baritone saxophone
Bryan Murphy - trumpet
Emeen Zarookian - tambourine